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Nezdex’s Commitment to Privacy

Nezdex is committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of your personal information. We recognize the importance of data privacy and hold ourselves accountable. We will collect, use, and disclose your personal information in accordance with applicable privacy laws and respect your rights under these privacy laws.

Scope of This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the personal information we collect, use, and disclose while providing services to our clients, as well as information we collect from our clients, prospective clients, and website visitors.

The website governed by this Privacy Policy is: www.nezdex.com

Our Privacy Policy no longer applies once you leave our websites. Nezdex is not responsible for the privacy practices of external websites you may visit.

Personal Information Collected by Nezdex

Providing us with your personal information is always your choice. However, your decision to withhold particular details may limit our ability to provide you with our products, services or information that you request. If we are unable to accommodate your request based on the information that has been provided to us, we may ask for additional details in order to identify other ways to be of assistance.

How Your Personal Information Is Collected by Nezdex

Nezdex obtains personal information in several ways:

  • online through our websites, by email, in person or by phone, such as when you complete our application or forms
  • from references provided by you
How Your Personal Information Is Used and Disclosed by Nezdex

We use your personal information for its intended, specific, and authorized purposes and for the purposes set out below:

  • To communicate with you, to effectively provide the services you have requested and to safeguard your interests;
  • To detect and investigate potentially fraudulent or questionable activities regarding the use of our services;
  • To respond to customer inquiries;
  • To offer you additional products, services and solutions we believe you might be interested in, which may include sharing information with banks or other third parties with your authorization;
  • To maintain quality customer service; and
  • To comply with applicable laws and/or regulations and as otherwise required or permitted by applicable laws and/or regulations.

How We Safeguard Your Personal Information

We take the security and confidentiality of personal information very seriously. We have implemented physical, technical, and administrative safeguards to ensure that personal information is protected against unauthorized access, disclosure, inappropriate alteration or misuse. Our security practices are reviewed on a periodic basis, and we routinely employ the latest technologies designed to protect the confidentiality and privacy of personal information.

Cookies And Website Data

In general, you can visit Nezdex websites without telling us who you are or submitting any information about who you are. We collect the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses of all visitors to our websites and other related information such as page requests, browser type, operating system and average time spent on our website. We use this information to help us understand our website activity and to monitor and improve our websites.

Cookies or other technologies may be used by Nezdex on the websites governed by this Privacy Policy. A cookie is a tiny element of data that our websites send to a user’s browser, which may then be stored on the user’s hard drive so that we can recognize the user’s computer or device when they return. Some of the cookies are set by us and others are set by third parties who deliver services on our behalf.

Interest-Based Advertising

We work with third parties such as ad networks and other advertising companies that use their own technologies (including cookies) on our website and other websites in order to provide you with tailored advertisements across the internet. This is a common marketing practice referred to as interest-based or online behavioral advertising. These companies may collect information about your activity on our websites and third-party websites (such as web pages you visit and your interaction with our advertising and other communications) and use this information to make predictions about your preferences and deliver ads that are more relevant to you on third party websites (including on social media platforms). This information may also be used to evaluate our online advertising campaigns.

Commercial Electronic Messages

Nezdex may send you electronic messages (such as emails) related to business tips, news, offers and information regarding products and services. If you prefer not to receive these types of electronic messages, you may click the “Unsubscribe” link contained in any such message.

Important: When you unsubscribe, your electronic address will be removed from future commercial messages. However, Nezdex will continue to use your electronic address to communicate with you in certain circumstances, including with respect to any agreement or arrangements you have with Nezdex, the provision of service-related information, and to facilitate or complete arrangements with Nezdex.

Accuracy And Access

Nezdex strives to keep personal information in an accurate, complete and up-to-date form to fulfill the purposes for which it is to be used. If you need to edit, update or correct your personal information, please contact us as set out below.

Updating This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was last modified November 8, 2023. Nezdex will update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any changes to our Privacy Policy are effective as of the modification date noted above.

Questions, Concerns or Complaints

If you have a question, concern, or complaint about the manner in which we or our service providers treat personal information, please contact:

Nezdex Expert Outsourcing

USA : +16466328819

NZ : +6499097874

AU : +61280734157

Email: info@nezdex.com / contactus@nezdex.com